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For particularly delicate or valuable pieces, our team constructs custom art crates. These crates are crafted to exact specifications, providing unparalleled protection during transportation. Our attention to detail ensures that your artwork arrives at its destination in pristine condition.

Museum Quality Crates

Standard Quality Crates

Economy Crates 

Choroplast/Cardboard/Tricard Travelling Container

HTS Frames

Museum Quality Crates

Introducing our Museum Crates, the pinnacle of our touring cases. Meticulously crafted to meet the latest museum standards, these cases utilize only the finest and most contemporary materials. Specifically engineered for traveling exhibitions, they provide optimal protection for artworks and artifacts that need to journey to multiple venues. Designed and constructed for effortless loading, these crates guarantee client peace of mind.

Museum Quality Insulated CrateInterior of Museum Quality Crate

Standard quality crate

The Standard Crate, a scaled-down version of our Museum Crate, is meticulously designed and constructed to provide excellent protection for various artworks and artifacts. With robust construction, featuring baton reinforcement on all sides, these crates ensure prolonged case life, exceptional durability, and versatility for use in multiple venues. Loading and unloading become seamless, contributing to the overall ease of handling.

Standard CrateStandard Crate

Economy Crates

Introducing our Economy/One-Way Crate, a budget-friendly option compared to our Standard Crate. Tailored for a few shipments, this reusable crate securely accommodates both two-dimensional and three-dimensional artworks and artifacts. With a robust and durable design, these crates provide a versatile and cost-effective solution for your crating needs.

Reinforced Insulated EconomyReinforced Insulated EconomyReinforced Insulated EconomyOne-Way EconomyOne-Way EconomyOne-Way Economy

Coroplast/ Tricard Traveling Container

A superb option to consider in lieu of our Economy Crates, this container is crafted from tricard or coroplast and features a 2" x 2" pine or spruce frame support. Offering a lighter alternative to conventional wooden cases, it is particularly well-suited for shipping lightweight objects.

Coroplast/ Tricard Traveling ContainerCoroplast/ Tricard Traveling ContainerCoroplast/ Tricard Traveling ContainerCoroplast/Tricard/Cardboard Traveling ContainerCoroplast/Tricard/Cardboard Traveling Container

H.T.S. Travel Frame

Essentially a skeleton frame designed to allow a fragile artwork to "float" while in transit, being handled, or placed in storage. This frame is not insulated, but protects the artwork's surface. A relatively inexpensive way to safely transport an encaustic, unframed, or valuable artwork. We design, build, and pack these custom frames upon request. They are also easily dismantled for storage, and easily reassembled for use, as needed.  

HTS Travel FrameHTS Travel FrameHTS Travel Frame

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